Sermon Discussion: Luke 16:1-13 - You Cannot Serve God and Money

Here are some questions to consider together as we look at God’s word: 

  1. What questions did you have during or after the sermon? Did you have any insights that weren’t mentioned?
  2. What was the main point of the sermon? How was it outlined?
  3. Why is it often so hard for us to talk openly and honestly about our money?
  4. What does Jesus mean when he calls money “unrighteous wealth”? How should that impact our posture toward money?
  5. What are some of the typical attitudes toward the love of money in our culture? How does the Bible help us understand and respond to those attitudes?
  6. What kind of god is money? How have you seen some of these characteristics in your own life?
  7. How is the one true God different from the god of money? Why is it impossible to serve God and money? How can we be free from the god of money?
  8. What is the main point of the parable of the dishonest manager? How do we obey Jesus’ command in verse 9?
  9. When we consider what it looks like to steward our money, why is it insufficient to create a new law about our money?
  10. How have you understood stewardship in the past? How should we view our stewardship? How do we go about deciding how much to give to the local church or other ministries?
  11. As you hear Jesus’ words, in what ways have you felt the cost of discipleship colliding with the American dream? Are there ways that you need to repent and reexamine your use of wealth?