Sermon Discussion: Luke 14:25-35 - The Cost of Discipleship

Here are some questions to discuss together in our home groups:

  1. What questions did you have during and after the sermon? Did you have any insights that weren’t mentioned?
  2. How was the sermon outlined?
  3. In our culture, what does it mean to be a “follower”? How can those ideas end up shaping what we think it means to be a follower of Jesus?
  4. What does Jesus say it will cost us to be his disciple? How does he challenge both traditional, family-oriented and modern, individualistic cultures? Is there a cost to following Jesus that you needed to be particularly reminded of?
  5. What do Jesus’ two illustrations communicate? Why is this message so important for both non-believers and believers to hear?
  6. What’s the difference between the “forgiveness-only gospel” and the biblical gospel? How does the biblical gospel help us understand how our discipleship is completely a gift of grace and yet costly for us to pursue? Take some time to consider together how the message of the cross frees us to joyfully pay the cost of discipleship.
  7. What is the main point of Jesus’ parable in verses 34-35? How does it push us to personal repentance?
  8. As we seek to be a church family of salty disciples, why is it important for us to guard to content of our message? Why is it just as important for us to guard the form, flavor, and character of our community life?
  9. How do the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Table) shape both our message and the form of our community? How do they help us count the cost of discipleship together?