Sermon Discussion: Luke 17:11-18:8 - The Heart of a Disciple

Here are some questions to provoke thought and conversation at home group this week:

  1. What questions did you have during or after the sermon? Did you have any insights that weren’t mentioned?
  2. What was the main point of the sermon? How was it outlined?
  3. What are some of the surprising aspects of Jesus’ encounter with the lepers? What do these teach us about Jesus and about being a disciple? What did leprosy teach Israel about sin? Do you think the role priests played regarding examining skin diseases teaches us anything about the relationship between sin and the church today? What did Jesus mean when he said that the leper’s faith made him well?
  4. What does the leper teach us about being a disciple? What are some reasons why we fail to follow the leper’s example? What are some areas in your life right now where God is inviting you to live gratefully? How do you think this could impact your life?
  5. Why did the Pharisees ask when the kingdom was coming? What did they expect the kingdom to be like and what were the reasons this was wrong? What does it mean that the kingdom is in the midst of a person? What does this teach us about our everyday lives and the kingdom?
  6. What does the second coming of Jesus teach us about our view of suffering? Besides the obvious reason that suffering is unpleasant, why are we so hesitant to embrace suffering as Christians? How does suffering relate to our witness as a church?
  7. Why does Jesus bring up Noah and Lot? What is this supposed to teach us about the coming of the Son of Man? How does his instruction about being on a rooftop or a field relate to us today? How do we “Remember Lot’s wife?” How are we supposed to lose our lives so as to keep them? Should we stop marrying, drinking, eating, building, and planting?
  8. Given the common focus of discussion when Christians today talk about the “end times,” what is missing from Jesus’ discussion about his coming at the end of the age? Why is this important for us to recognize? How is the Apostles’ Creed helpful to us in thinking through the “end times?”
  9. What is the point of Jesus’ parable in Luke 18:1-18, and how do we know this? What does it mean to wait upon God for vindication and what sort of life does this produce?