Sermon Discussion: Luke 11:37-54 - Dead(ly) Religion

Here are some questions to discuss together in our home groups as we share life together. Let us be praying that the Holy Spirit will work through God's word to change us.

  1. What questions did you have during and after the sermon? What insights did you have that may not have been mentioned?
  2. How was the sermon outlined? 
  3. What is at the primary critique of religion that Jesus levies against the Pharisees and how did this relate to their concern for purity? What are some contemporary examples of this error that we struggle with today? 
  4. How does giving from a heart of love reverse the way we normally think about the law of God or about the things we must do to be good?
  5. The sermon this week suggested that self-salvation or self-justification is the underlying problem of the Pharisees. Why is this the case? Do you agree or disagree? Have you recognized this pattern in your own life?
  6. Take time to walk through each of the woes. What are the charges Jesus is making in each of the six “woes”? Can you relate to any of these? Have you experienced dead religion?
  7. In what way were the Pharisees hypocritical, and how might that relate to us today?
  8. What are some examples of ways we seek the praise of men?
  9. How do we add to God’s word and what is the motivation behind this? What does this practice tell us about ourselves and about religious communities that do this? 
  10. What does defensiveness and violence toward those that challenge us or disagree with us reveal about us? 
  11. How does dead religion exclude others from the kingdom?