Sermon Discussion - Luke 11:1-13 - The Lord Teaches Us to Pray

Here are some questions about the sermon text to foster discussion and application in our homes groups this week.

  1. What are some of the practices or habits you have regarding prayer? Do you have a set plan or rhythm of prayer?
  2. What was the basic outline of sermon?
  3. What questions did you have during and after the sermon? What insights did you have that may not have been mentioned?
  4. What is the key to prayer? How does Christian prayer differ from all other types or approaches to prayer?
  5. What does the key to prayer reveal about many of the struggles we have in prayer (insecurity, routine, repetitive phrases, confusion, etc.)?
  6. How do the four lessons on prayer help us to think about some of our most common questions about prayer (timing, God’s sovereignty, proper requests, healing, etc.)?
  7. What is the good news concerning prayer, and how does this relate to the key to prayer so as to bring peace and transformation to our lives?