Sermon Discussion: Luke 11:14-36 - We Are Either With Jesus or Against Him

Here are some discussion questions and some comments to consider together at home group this week.

  1. What questions did you have during and after the sermon? What insights did you have that may not have been mentioned?
  2. What is at the heart of the great war, and what are two errors that we can easily embrace? Why is the battle more complicated than we often make it?
  3. How do we take sides in the war? How can we heed Jesus warning, “Be careful lest the light in you be darkness?”
  4. If we side with Jesus, what are some of the ways we engage in battle? How are we doing at this? Do we know how to do this?
  5. This text has a strong emphasis on responding to Jesus. It tells us that we are either with Jesus or against him. Does this suggest that there is no place for doubt in the Christian life? Does it suggest that people should immediately be called to trust in Jesus since he is greater and more evidently from God than Jonah and Solomon?
  6. Everyone has a story that gives meaning to his or her life. These stories (conscious or unconscious) shape how people think about their identity, problem, solution, and hope. Everyone is seeking to find salvation of some sort, and apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ, everyone’s story is a message of works. Identify some personal idols and the narratives that surround them, and then consider how listening to the way our friends and neighbors speak can give us insight into their narratives. Then consider how you can share the true gospel in a way that renarrates life with a message of grace and hope. What opportunities do we have available to learn the narratives of our friends and neighbors? What questions can we ask that will make these stories more clear?
  • Creation: Identity
  • Fall: Problem
  • Redemption: Solution
  • Consummation: Hope