Sermon Discussion: 1 Timothy 3:1-16 - Shepherds and Servants of the Flock of God

This week, we started a four-week series where we’re looking at some important topics that are related to our examination of what it would mean to be a connected church. As we consider affiliating with Sovereign Grace Ministries, we want to make sure God’s word is shaping how we think and directing us as we seek to move forward in faith and wisdom. We began by looking at what Scripture has to say about the government of the local church. Here are some questions to talk through as we gather together in our home groups for fellowship, prayer, and discussion.

  1. What questions or insights did you have during or after the sermon?
  2. What was the main point of the sermon? How was it outlined?
  3. Do you think discussions about local church government are important? Why or why not?
  4. Who is the ultimate leader of the church? How does that help us understand the kind of authority elders have?
  5. What structure should elder leadership take? How does that structure benefit the body?
  6. What are some of the qualifications for elders? Which of these qualifications struck you as particularly important? Why?
  7. What responsibilities do shepherds have as they minister to the flock? What temptations do you think come along with that? How does the gospel shape the spirit of pastoral leadership?
  8. How does Scripture call the church body to respond to elders? Do you have a hard time with any of those?
  9. In the sermon, we spent some time considering how the congregation would be involved if we adopted an elder-led, presbyterian form of government. What role would the congregation play in selecting elders and church discipline? Did you have any other questions about this?
  10. What are the qualifications and responsibilities of deacons?
  11. How does your heart respond to what Scripture says about local church government? Take some time to discuss why both shepherds and sheep might have a hard time receiving God’s word on this topic. Are there ways we need to repent in this area? How can we encourage one another to faithfulness as we exercise and submit to authority?