Sermon Discussion: 1 Corinthians 12-14 - Spiritual Gifts, Continuationism, and the Gospel

When we gather together in home groups this week, these questions can help provoke thought and guide discussion about the sermon.

1) What was the main point of the sermon? How was it outlined?

2) Was there anything in particular that you found intriguing? Did you have any insights or questions as you listened to the sermon?

3) What is your initial reaction to the topic of prophecy and tongues? How have your past experiences and previous teaching shaped your perspective on these gifts?

4) How have you defined spiritual gifts? What definition of spiritual gifts was proposed in the sermon? How does the proposed understanding of gifts change the way we talk about and practice spiritual gifts?

5) Are you tempted to elevate one specific gift above all the others? Which one and why? How does Paul’s teaching challenge that response?

6) What is the purpose of spiritual gifts? How does Paul say spiritual gifts are to be used? How does the gospel empower that kind of service?

7) Did any of the objections to continuationism (biblical, theological, historical, or experiential) reflect your own concerns? What response was offered in defense of the belief that gifts like prophecy and tongues continue today? Was this response helpful?

8) How is the gift of prophecy in the local church different from the authoritative prophecy given in the Old Testament?

9) What are some of the reasons Paul encourages believers to seek the gift of prophecy over the gift of tongues?

10) How can the gifts of tongues and prophecy be used in an orderly way in corporate worship? What might that look like at Trinity Church?

11) What are your reactions to the view of spiritual gifts put forth in the sermon?