Important News: Denominational Direction

Last night at our members meeting, after years of searching for the right body of churches with which we should connect and partner, our church body formally decided to pursue membership in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). In due time, our elders will be sending an official petition for adoption to the Piedmont Triad Presbytery for consideration. In the meantime, our leaders are undergoing examination by the presbytery. The final decision regarding Trinity Church’s acceptance will be in the hands of the presbytery, but we have made a decision as a body that it is our desire to move in this direction.

Exploring where we belong has taken several years, but the elders believe this is the right direction to pursue for a number of reasons:

  1. The PCA best embodies our doctrine, governance, mission, and culture.
  2. Adoption into the PCA connects us to the catholic tradition. In other words, standing alone as an independent church prevents us from formally embodying the universal nature of Christ’s Church and from ministering within the confessional boundaries of the Christians who have lived and read Scripture before us. By joining the PCA, we will join a larger communion of Christians across time and geography that embraces the great confessions of the Church and the Reformed tradition.
  3. Adoption into the PCA enables us to partner with other churches of like mind and faith to plant churches locally and globally.
  4. Adoption into the PCA brings us into close partnership with other local churches in Winston-Salem to reach our city.
  5. Adoption into the PCA brings accountability to our church in regards to both our doctrine and our leadership. Ordination standards for teaching elders that exist outside of our local church help promote healthy pastors who are qualified beyond the opinion of their own supporters. Additionally, church courts help conflicts within the local church to move toward peace and reconciliation rather than factions and division.

Please pray for our church and for the presbytery to have wisdom to know if it is good for the kingdom to complete this partnership.