Sermon Discussion: Luke 12:13-34 - Covetousness and the Kingdom

Here are some questions to consider and discuss together as we share life in our home groups.

  1. What was the main point of the sermon? How was the sermon outlined? Were there questions or insights you had while listening that weren’t addressed?
  2. How does the story that “you are what you own” show up in our society? How does that story shape us even when we aren’t aware?
  3. In verse 13, what does the man’s demand to Jesus reveal about his heart? Why does conflict often follow in the wake of covetousness?
  4. What is the main point of Jesus’ parable? How does money act like a con man? In what ways are you tempted to find security in wealth like the rich fool?
  5. Why do false security and anxiety often show up together? In what sense is anxiety a worship problem? What do you worry about, and what does this reveal about your heart?
  6. Walk through verses 22-34 together. How does Jesus comfort his disciples? Which teachings do you find particularly helpful as you battle anxiety and covetousness?
  7. What will our community look like as we “seek the kingdom” and put to death our covetous hearts? What steps do you need to take as you hear God’s word, trust his gospel, and repent of your covetousness?