Sermon Discussion: Matthew 28:16-20 - The Great Commission and Church Planting

Here are some questions to help us discuss and think through the sermon last week wrapping up our series on Sovereign Grace Ministries.

1) What was the main point of the sermon? How was it outlined?

2) Was there anything in particular that you found intriguing? Did you have any insights or questions as you listened to the sermon?

3) If you have heard sermons on this passage before, how did they differ and how were they the same? Do you feel like this sermon gave you a better understanding of what this passage is about, or do you think this muddied the water?

4) Before hearing this sermon, how did you think about mission, missions, and/or evangelism? Has this sermon changed that, and if so, how?

5) What is significant about the setting and context of this passage? How does it inform our understanding of the great commission of verses 18-19?

6) Why is it important to begin with the claim Jesus makes in verse 18, and what function does this claim have in the rest of the passage? Why do we need to remember this as good news? And why do we need to hear this good news as a church?

7) What is the primary command of this passage? What does it mean to be a disciple? What are some of the distorted views we have about being a disciple? How can we correct these distortions?

8) What shape does obedience to this command take and how do we know this? What are some problems with trying to make disciples apart from the life of the local church? Why is baptism essential to discipleship? Why is teaching essential? What is “all” that Jesus commanded his disciples? What sort of plan do we have at Trinity to make sure that we are instructing one another in all the ways disciples need to be instructed? What sort of instruction is Jesus after?

9) How is it possible to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples? What does this look like?

10) Very little of the sermon was dedicated to arguing why this passage should push us toward joining Sovereign Grace Ministries. What were some of the reasons given? Did you find them compelling? What was missing? What other reasons can you think of relating to missions?