Sermon Discussion - Luke 10:25-42

At Trinity, our homes groups constitute a large part of the fellowship of our church. Because we are a family, much of our time together involves discussing and applying God's word to our lives. For the next season, our home groups will be seeking to listen more intently to the sermon texts by discussing them in our home groups. So each week, the pastors will be posting some questions to consider as we look at God's word again. Here are a few questions to consider from the sermon text this past Sunday.

  1. What is the relationship between the two commandments to love God and neighbor? Why does this relationships exist in this way?
  2. What do the questions asked by the lawyer and by Martha reveal? What questions do you find yourself asking, and what might they reveal about your heart?
  3. What is the difference between the question the lawyer asked and the question Jesus answered with respect to how we approach our obligation to love?
  4. Luke tells us in verse 40 that Martha was “distracted with much serving.” If we are called to love and serve others, how is it possible to be distracted with serving? What did we learn was Martha’s underlying problem? Can you identify with this problem? What might be some examples?
  5. How does this passage inform and transform the way we think about helping the poor?
  6. This passage can be applied in endless ways. What applications came to mind as you heard the sermon? In what ways were you convicted, challenged, and encouraged to apply the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself?
  7. How does this passage inform the way we approach personal bible study?