Sermon Discussion: Luke 12:35-59 - Living Life in Light of the End

Here are a few questions to consider as we eat, pray, and look at God’s word together in our home groups:

  1. What was the main point of the sermon? How was the sermon outlined? Were there questions or insights you had while listening that weren’t addressed?
  2. What do Jesus’ three illustrations in verses 35-36 communicate? What does it mean for us as individuals and a community to be awake and waiting for our master? Why is that often so difficult?
  3. Does the idea of Christ’s second coming scare you? Why or why not? How are we sometimes tempted to deal with that fear? How does Jesus’ teaching replace our fear with eager anticipation?
  4. What does it mean that we are stewards? How does Jesus’ eternal perspective motivate faithfulness and generosity with all of our lives and resources? What’s the difference between “YOLO” (“You Only Live Once”) and Jesus’ teaching?
  5. Why is it so easy for church leaders to forget that they’re stewards? What sort of character and behaviors define healthy leadership? How can elders and members of Trinity work together to ensure that church leaders are stewarding faithfully?
  6. Luke has told us that Jesus came to bring peace, and now Jesus says he’s come to divide. How do those fit together? Have any of your relationships been divided by the gospel? How can you continue to love and serve those people in the midst of this division?
  7. Why does Jesus rebuke the crowd for failing interpret the present time? How does his illustration in verses 57-59 fit? How should his teaching here shape our witness to those who don’t believe?
  8. How can we as a church family help one another to maintain a long perspective that seeks to live in light of Christ’s coming?