Sermon Discussion: Luke 15:1-32 - God's Pursuing Love for the Lost

Here are some questions to consider and discuss in our home groups as we look together at Luke 15:

  1. What questions did you have about this passage coming into the sermon? Did the sermon raise new questions for you? Did you have any insights that weren’t mentioned?
  2. How was the sermon outlined?
  3. A popular saying maintains that “a man is known by the company he keeps.” Is this true or false? How do we tend to misuse such ideas?
  4. What is the context for Luke 15? What issue does Jesus’ parables address?
  5. What’s the main point of the three parables Jesus tells? In the parable of the father and his two sons, what is unexpected about the father’s reception of his younger son? How do these parables challenge our natural beliefs about how God responds to people?
  6. How have you previously understood the role of the older brother in Jesus’ parable? What is Jesus’ teaching through the elder son?
  7. What problem is at the root of both sons’ lostness? How are the two brothers similar despite their external differences?
  8. Outright rebellion is often easy to spot, but what are some of the symptoms of religious self-salvation that we see in the elder brother that can help us examine our own hearts? Which of these symptoms do you see in yourself?
  9. How is it possible for God to rejoice over repentant sinners? How does that undercut religious pride and condemning attitudes toward the lost?
  10. How should the gospel of God’s pursuing love shape us individually and as a community?