Sermon Discussion: Luke 13:10-35 - The Mysterious Kingdom of God

Here are the discussion questions for home group this week.

  1. What questions did you have during and after the sermon? What insights did you have that may not have been mentioned?
  2. Outline the sermon
  3. What is the kingdom of God? How is this different but related to the church? What are some of the dangers of confusing the kingdom with the church?
  4. What were the expectations of Israel regarding the kingdom and how do these same false expectations play out today? Why do we as sinners have these wrong expectations? What does this tell us about ourselves?
  5. How do Jesus’ comments in Luke 13:31-33 reveal to us what the kingdom is like?
  6. How do Jesus’ metaphorical explanations inform our understanding of the kingdom? Why are they surprising? What are their meanings?
  7. Why did the synagogue leaders fail to see Jesus’ healing of the disabled woman as the presence of God’s kingdom? How should this be a warning to us? How does this inform our understanding of God’s law?
  8. What does it mean to enter the kingdom? How do we receive the kingdom of God? What does it mean “to strive” to enter the kingdom? What was prohibiting so many of the people in the towns and villages of Israel from entering the kingdom? How should this be a warning to us? 
  9. What does it look like to live according to the kingdom and why?