Christ's church is not a place or a building but a family under the kingship of Jesus Christ. Our fellowship as a kingdom family consists of weekly, public corporate-worship gatherings on Sundays and home groups that meet during the week to share our lives together. While these gatherings shape and direct us, they also embody and point to what the kingdom of Jesus is and will be like.

Exploring Christianity, demonstrating the kingdom, and being shaped as a Christian all require community with deep, committed, interpersonal relationships involving all types of believers. So we organize home groups according to neighborhoods and networks of relationships, and as we live as disciples on mission together, these communities serve as a core context for investigating Christianity, fellowship, prayer, service, care, and witness. Like an extended family, home groups meet all together (children included) once a week, but these relationships overflow into sharing our lives together all week by doing ordinary things together as we all learn to live in God's grace following Christ.

This video paints a picture of what our home groups aspire to look like and why: