2017.12.21 - Trinity Church Podcast, Ep.6 - The Witness of the Church

In this episode, Derek, Joel, and Trevor discuss the witness of the church.  They start by reflecting on a few passages of Scripture that speak to the church’s identity and commission to witness to the kingdom before reflecting on the dangerous tendency to reduce the witness of the church to the proclamation of the gospel. From there, they offer a more robust approach to the church’s communal witness and why it’s important that we consider how we can most faithfully witness in our time and place to the particular people we encounter together. They conclude by connecting the conversation to the shared communal life Trinity seeks to embody.

2017.11.03 - Trinity Church Podcast, Ep.5 - Food, Feasting, and Fasting

The Trinity Church Podcast seeks to speak to contemporary issues in the life of our church and invite our congregants to listen in as we apply the gospel to life.

In this episode, Joel, Trevor, and Derek discuss food, feasting, and fasting. To set up the conversation, the hosts read 1 Timothy 4:1-5 and made a few observations. They shared some personal struggles involving food and fasting which highlighted some of the reasons why fasting is a bit of a mystery for many us.  That brought them to the heart of conversation about what fasting is, what it’s for, and how it works.  Then they alluded to a number of places in Scripture that deal with fasting. They ended by addressing a few lingering questions related to the practice.

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