Trinity Church is a community of Christians seeking to live into the reality that Jesus is Lord.

This means that while we are a community that has received forgiveness and reconciliation to God in Jesus Christ, we are a people who continue to struggle to live in the power of the Holy Spirit as children of God in ways that are consistent with Christ's kingdom. Therefore, we are first and foremost a repentant community on a journey together toward greater love for God and others.

We confess the historic, orthodox Christian faith taught in Scripture and summarized in the Apostles' Creed.

We are also a Protestant and Reformed church in the Presbyterian Church in America.

We are an evangelical church in that we confess the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all of life.

Check out the following links and blog posts to learn more about why we belong to the Reformed tradition of Christianity:

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  2. Salvation in Christ Alone

  3. By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone

  4. Scripture Alone

  5. The Glory of God Alone

  6. The Bible and Covenant Theology

  7. The Law of God

  8. The Church and the Sacraments

  9. The Church and Governance

  10. The Church and Its Worship

Mission: We exist to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel and demonstrating the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit for the joy of all people.

Where: We believe we have been sent by God to live out this mission primarily in Old Town in the northwest part of Winston-Salem.

Vision: By living into the dynamic reality of the Kingdom of Christ, we seek to exist as a distinct counter-cultural community in order to see the city flourish under the rule of Christ. As a community, we pursue living as a family who practices radical hospitality in a world of isolation, brings the most and least powerful people together in fellowship, lives generously rather than consumeristically, witnesses humbly but boldly through both words and deeds, pursues justice and mercy, listens and learns from one another across political and social divides, and joyfully gives thanks amidst a culture of hedonism.


  1. Gospel-Centered - We want to apply the saving power of God to all dimensions of life including (and especially) our hearts.

  2. Cruciform Ministry – We want the gospel of the kingdom to determine the shape, form, and culture of our ministry so our faith will rest in God rather than human wisdom or power.

  3. Gathered Trinitarian Worship - We want the structure and content of our corporate gatherings to shape us into worshippers of the Triune God by singing, praying, preaching, reading, and signifying the word concerning Jesus Christ.

  4. Community as Family - We want to gather and scatter as one large church family into smaller extended families that share life together around the word so that we learn to be disciples as we live on mission together.

  5. Always Reforming - We want to constantly be open to correction from God's word by listening to one another, to other Christians in other traditions, and to the world so that we can increasingly repent and conform to God's will.

  6. Mercy - We want to be a community of grace and love which serves and seeks justice for those who are most vulnerableare most vulnerable to poverty and injustice through listening, advocacy, generosity, and friendship.

  7. City Flourishing - We want to affirm work that promotes the common good in every sphere of life in order to see Winston-Salem flourish.

  8. Missional Living - We want to relate to the culture around us like missionaries seeking to contextualize Christianity to a non-Christian culture.