What to expect

Whether you are new to Christianity or a long time church attender, you may find our service odd or disorienting. We encourage you to think of our service as entering into a conversational drama that, over many weeks, shapes us as Christ followers on a journey toward greater love of God and neighbor. Because worship forms us, it isn’t primarily about expressing our love and devotion to God, even though that’s important. So rather than focusing on authenticity, originality, freshness, newness, or spontaneity, our service aims to be a rehearsed response to God scripted by Scripture. God speaks to us by His word, and then Scripture gives us the words with which we respond to God.


Location and Time

Trinity Church gathers Sundays at 4:30pm at the Winston-Salem Friends Meeting, 3151 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106.


We gather as God’s people at his initiation and call, and so the service moves along as a scripted conversation between God and his people with several important movements where we rehearse the story of the good news of Jesus (Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation) and renew our covenant relationship with God: call to worship, adoration, law, confession and lament, assurance of pardon, thanksgiving, instruction, communion, celebration and praise, and benediction and sending. In worshipping this way week after week, the Holy Spirit forms us to live in the world loving God and neighbor.

Children and Worship

At Trinity Church, we welcome children of all ages as integral members of our community and participants in our worship gathering just as Jesus welcomed little children during his ministry. Rather than sending our children to childcare during the entirety of our service, we embrace the little ones in our midst with their wiggling and sounds because children are a gift to our community. The presence of children in our church is a gift not a distraction, inconvenience, or trouble. They're gifts to be welcomed and encouraged, to be directed and trained.

Because we believe that the church is a family, and because we believe that disciples are formed by worshipping together young and old, we encourage families to remain together for corporate worship. This means that most children remain in the service and participate to varying degrees. We know it can be difficult and that it’s new to many to bring children to worship, but typically developing children can be trained over time to participate and avoid distracting others. We have found that while it may be difficult at first, even young children are formed by the service and can learn to follow along. For parents with non-typically developing children, we invite you to contact one of the elders so we can make a plan with you on how to best serve your family and your children.

We do offer childcare during the sermon (30-40 minutes) for children in the early mobile and verbal stage (~10months) up until their 4th birthday. (Please see our policy and procedures for childcare.) Before the sermon, we will dismiss those who want to drop off their children, and you may pick them up and return with them during our time celebrating the Lord’s Table.

Ministry to Children

At Trinity, we believe that parents have the primary responsibility for raising up their children in the fear of the Lord. The church community must equip and come alongside parents disciple their children in the Lord. The elders of Trinity have put together A Guidebook to Discipling Our Children to equip parents and to provide them with resources for instruction at home. Children and parents are given a plan to memorize the Apostles' Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer, while the New City Catechism and Bible stories teach the faith contained therein.  This guidebook integrates home instruction with our community groups and corporate worship so that all three contexts reinforce what the children are learning. Please read the introduction to the guidebook for more information.